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Corporate Wellness

Helping corporate clients build wellness and motivation in their teams.

We provide bespoke experiences tailored to your company's employee's and mission.

Our popular cold water offerings has been proven to boost people's immune systems and reduce inflammation in the body. Our workshops can therefore help reduce employee sick days and improve productivity. 

Our Wellness Day's and Ice Bath Experiences bring colleagues together, energises the team and builds confidence and resilience to achieve goals. 

Build your personalised experience from the selection of our expertise. 

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Past Events

Our experience in corporate wellness includes:

  • Hosting a well-being day for Reward Gateway, featuring talks and bespoke sessions like audio-led mindfulness and in-person desk mobility.

  • Delivering a well-being session, including cold water immersion, in the Lake District on behalf of Columbia X Corin Mental Health.

  • Conducting an Ice Bath workshop for Virtue Property Group on a Friday afternoon at the client's location.

  • Providing video-led desk and office-based mobility sessions for the entire EMA Group.

  • Leading an early morning Ice Bath workshop as part of Infigo's annual conference.

  • Collaborating with Crawley Town in the Community and Nuffield Health to deliver well-being sessions for seniors, including seated exercise and strength training, complementing activities like Walking football.

  • Providing Ice Bath experiences and workshops to Social Media Influencers as part of USA PRO Wellness Day

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