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Professional Athletes

Elevate Your Team's Performance with Our Proven Recovery Expertise

Are you a professional athlete or sports team striving for excellence? Look no further. Our track record of success, as evidenced by our partnerships with renowned organisations speaks volumes. We specialise in optimising athletes' well-being and performance through cutting-edge recovery techniques.

Our tailored recovery workshops, conducted on non-match days, ensure that your athletes are primed for peak performance when it matters most. We've collaborated with leading global recovery brand Hyperice, adding a world-class edge to our services.

Our holistic approach extends to elite and part-time clubs alike, offering pre-match warm-ups, post-match recovery, and match day support. And we're not limited to football; we've empowered the Crawley Women's Rugby Team, demonstrating our versatility in enhancing performance and overall well-being.

Join the ranks of champions who've entrusted us with their success, and let's write the next chapter of your team's success story together. Elevate your game with our unmatched expertise in recovery and ice bath techniques. Your journey to peak performance starts here.


Past Partnerships

Crawley Town FC
Well-being and Recovery Support Partner

- Proudly contributed to CTFC's successful campaign in the 2022-2023 football league season.
- Conducted comprehensive recovery workshops on non-match days, ensuring the team's peak performance.
- Collaborated with the renowned global recovery brand, Hyperice, to optimize athletes' recovery routines.

Chelmsford City FC
Pre-match Warm-Up and Post-Match Recovery Specialist

- Provided essential pre-match warm-up and activation sessions.
- Implemented post-match recovery strategies, enhancing player recuperation.
- Offered holistic match day support, boosting performance and recovery for this elite, part-time club.

Crawley Women's Rugby Team
Ice Bath Event

- Led a transformative workshop designed to empower and inspire the women's rugby team.
- Equipped the team with valuable tools and takeaways for improved performance and overall well-being.


Sandro Raniere

One to One Workshop

-Facilitated a personalised ice bath workshop for the Ex Tottenham Hotspur FC and International Footballer

Additional Teams and Athletes We've Collaborated With
- Dagenham & Redbridge FC
- Roffey FC
- Loxwood FC
- Seaford Town FC

Our commitment to optimising athletes' well-being and performance remains unwavering, and we look forward to future collaborations with more exceptional sports teams

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